Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.
— The Bhagavad Gita

About Lauren

I am Yoga Alliance certified trauma informed yoga instructor, energy healer, meditation teacher, 2019 Yoga Therapy candidate and 2019 Macrobiotics Food Counseling candidate. I come to the holistic healing arts steeped with over 20 years of studying embodied practices and over 10 years of teaching movement based practices. I originally found yoga while dealing with a physical and mental “mystery illness” that left doctors stunned. When the traditional western system of medicine failed me, I learned how to heal through the practices of yoga and energy work. Through this process, I discovered the innate ability to heal the psyche, body and soul through stepping into my own personal power.

My approach to working with clients is rooted in balancing their physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies. I specializes in helping clients work somatically with their trauma, stress response from overwhelm and psycho-emotional blocks. Using a blend of traditional yoga practices, Vedic philosophy, energy healing modalities, meditation practices and the emerging techniques of yoga therapy, I work with clients to treat their symptoms as a whole unit. I bring clients on a journey through the multiple layers of the self (The Koshas) with a heavy emphasis on moving past energetic blockages (The Chakras) to find total balance in the body.

My main focus is the connection between trauma, the body and mental health. I currently serves as the leading trauma informed yoga instructor at Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Center. I’ve studied under some the foremost experts in yoga for trauma recovery and work within addiction recovery, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and PTSD.



  • Advanced Yoga Psychology -Yoga Alliance Certified 300hr Depth psychology as it relates to healing through yogic practices. Including Carl Jung’s shadow work, family dynamics, trauma resolution and the relationship between the physical and emotional body

  • Trauma Informed Yoga- Yoga Alliance Certified

    Working with collective trauma in the body, somatic therapy tools for resourcing and discharge, the stress response on the nervous system and trauma based anatomy. Yoga postures, breathing techniques and mediations that support greater self regulation.

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Yoga Alliance certified 200 RYT

  • Macrobiotic Holistic Food Counseling - In Training

    Studying under David Briscoe with an emphasis on balancing the body and mind through food.

  • Usui Reiki Energy Healing System - Certified Practitioner. Trained at IPSB Life Energy Institute and The Den Meditation Center.

  • Chakra Healing/ Crystal Healing- Certified Practitioner Chakra based energy healing, chakra energy alignment in the body & chakra balancing studied with Donna Clifford.

  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher - Certified Practitioner Studied with Ashley Turner.

  • Yoga Therapy- (IAYT Accredited Program, In Training) Practices for psycho-emotional disorders, internal disease and injury including medically researched and evidence-based therapeutic yoga practices for depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction and PTSD.


My Journey

My story is like so many others I encounter. Years with undiagnosable physical ailments, digestive problems, bouts of anxiety and depression, exhaustion and a general sense of not feeling balanced. I first noticed I was getting sick in my mid 20s, living in New York City, working 80 hours a week in the film industry and moonlighting as an acrobatic performer in the evening.  I was pushing to the extreme, competitive, relentless, and overwhelmed. As my career grew, so did my stress response and my inability to regulate my own system. The worse the overwhelm felt, the worse my body responded.

Years of doctors appointments and misdiagnosis's ensued as my physical and mental health deteriorated- no one had answers.  My "mystery illness" landed me in emergency rooms with excruciating stomach pains, random rashes covering my body, and the inability to digest most food. It felt as if my body had just stopped working, my mind felt unsteady, and I knew I had to change something. Through a long journey of holistic modalities I was able to listen to my bodies inner wisdom and transform from the inside out.

Photography provided by Jared Chambers & Alex Felliciano