Every individual's path to healing is unique, together we will work to create a holistic wellness plan that serves your highest good 


Somatic exploration/ Yoga/ Trauma informed yoga

Somatic exploration of the body to access the traumas, emotions, and dis-ease held in your body. Together we will safely explore what the body is holding and move in a way that allows it to release. Trauma (big and small) holds itself in our bodies tissues causing physical pain and illness while also keeping us stuck in energetic loops. Together we will access the ancient practice of yoga to create a custom practice for your particular system. In addition to working with the emotional effects of trauma, these practices also allow us explore endocrine imbalances, hormonal disturbances and lymphatic decompression. Despite the physical shape your in, yoga IS for everybody. From absolute beginners with limited range of motion to experienced practitioners and athletes. Think of this less like your neighborhood yoga class and more like a physical exploration of your energetic self.

Energy Healing /Intuitive Healing/ Reiki/ Chakra Balancing

Mixing ancient techniques from the Usui Reiki system and chakra balancing wisdom, with the modern techniques of craniosacral and polarity therapy, we bring energetic balance back to the subtle body. We will work together to move energy blocks, release emotions living in the body, release trauma residing physically in your system and align all energy points in your mental, physical and spiritual spheres. The subtle body has a way of telling us what's going on below the surface and provide us with a window to bring balance and positive change to the system.

Mindfulness / Meditation

We will use mindfullness techniques and the beautiful practice of guided meditation to assist in our healing process. I create custom guided imagery for all of my clients to help them access parts of their psyche and soul that isn’t always available during waking life. Mindfullness is about changing the way we experience our thoughts and emotions, and reshape the way we perceive the world around us. Despite what your racing mind tells you, meditation is for everyone. The positive benefits that meditation can bring to the individual has been thoroughly researched and praised by scientific journals including Harvard University. We will work together in session with guided meditations and prescribe specific meditations for your self care toolkit.


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